Fast-Food Favors Heart-Attacks Due To The Presence Of Soybean Oil

Fast-Food Favors Heart-Attacks Due To The Presence Of Soybean Oil

Fast-food has the most to contribute to the incidence of heat disorders in the populace in the US. This is because it contains a high amount of hydrogenated soybean oil. This makes fast food the numero uno enemy of the American population in terms of degenerative diseases.

Hydrogenated soybean oil is found to be detrimental to health partly because of the trans fat it has, besides the health hazards inherent in soy. To cap it all, soybean in the US is genetically engineered to yield what are believed to be the best results.

Trans fats are known to be responsible for quite a few serious health issues. These unnatural and artificial fats made by the hydrogenation process lead to total chaos at the level of the cells in the body. 

These artificial man-made fats are responsible for a lot of unhealthy and complicated situations. It can favour an incidence of cancer in your cells when it interferes with the body's defence system against cancerous cells. It is found to lead to obesity in men and women, there have been cases of asthma because of trans-fat present in hydrogenated oil.

A diet rich in trans-fat is found to be encouraging the incidence of disorders like diabetes and hypertension. Trans-fat molecules are known to clog the arteries of the body leading to a disrupted flow of blood through the body. The risk of a cardiac arrest in women with hereditary coronary heart problems was found to be three times more when they had a diet rich in trans-fat.